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Photo of service dog, Tory, as a pup wearing a service dog vest

About Us

Our small 501(c)3 non profit program in Michigan empowers disabled children and adults to increase their independence and safety through achieving a successful partnership with a highly trained service dog.

Many months of intensive schooling go into each successful partnership.  We provide lifetime follow up support as part of our commitment to excellence.

In addition, we share our research and expertise in service dog training through seminars, workshops, at international conferences, in the assistance dog field, education packets, articles and demonstrations to community groups upon request. 

Although we primarily train service dogs, we will consider a social therapy dog placement for a young child or an adult with "special needs" if we can find a suitable dog.  

Our dogs primarily come from rescue organizations, but occasionally someone raises a puppy for us or donates an adult dog.  Each dog must pass a rigorous health exam with x-rays, plus temperament and aptitude tests in order to be eligible for a career as an assistance dog.  

Sterling Service Dogs is a member of Assistance Dogs International, a worldwide coalition of non profit training programs which support a code of Standards and Ethics for the training and placement of different kinds of service dogs.

Learn more about our mission and the people who make our goals a reality:

Learn what service dogs can do, including frequently asked questions about service dogs.  Find out more about the training and placement process and how to begin the application process.

Special People Who Are Making A Difference
Thanks to the people and organizations who help to make our goals a reality including links to international assistance dog organizations.

How to Help
From buying dog treats to sponsoring the training of a service dog, there are many levels of giving.  We hope you will find a way to join us in this important work.

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