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Become a supporter today. 

If you love dogs and you love helping 
people, then Sterling Service Dogs  
is just the place for YOU!  Become part 
of our family by joining us as a supporter. 

There are many ways to help, including:

Direct contributions to Sterling Service Dogs
Your gift will directly benefit the children and adults who are partnered with our specially trained dogs.  

Use the Paypal Button (near the bottom of the page) to make a secure online donation.

or send a check to:

Sterling Service Dogs
3715 E. Fifteen Mile Road
Sterling Heights, MI  48310
(586) 883-2810

Honor loved ones, friends, pets and others - through our Commemorative Gift Program.  
This is a beautiful way to celebrate a special occasion or to honor the memory of a person or pet who has passed on.  The person you've chosen to honor or the family of the loved one in whose memory you make a contribution will receive a card notifying them of your gift and a color brochure from Sterling Service Dogs with action photos of service dogs performing tasks.  It will not disclose the amount of the donation.  We will send you a gift acknowledgement card.  For more information, call us at (586) 883-2810 or send e-mail to sterlingservicedogs@gmail.com

Sponsor A Service Dog - Make a Difference!  
Are you looking for a community project that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy?  Several levels of sponsorship are available for businesses, clubs and individuals.  Click here to learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities!

Workplace Giving Opportunities 
Some companies allow you and your co-workers to donate to a 501(c)3 non profit organization of your own choosing through a payroll deduction plan.  Another option is to hold a fund-raising event to help us make someone's dream of a service dog come true.  For more details, please call us at (586) 883-2810 or send e-mail to

Professor Dakota's Wish List 
Who is "Professor Dakota"? Click here to learn more

Additional Information
Sterling Service Dogs does not receive any funding from the state or federal government or the United Way.  We primarily rely on contributions from the public to enable us to train service dogs and social therapy dogs for disabled children and adults.  Without financial help from caring people, our program to improve the quality of life through partnership with a service dog could not exist.

We would like to explain the way in which funding sources provide money to cover the cost of training assistance dogs.  Because there are very limited unrestricted funds available for the sponsorship of a service or social therapy dog, our teams are sometimes sponsored through restricted funding.

Unrestricted Funds: donation given to Sterling Service Dogs which are to be used to further the purpose of the organization as stated in its 501(c)3 non profit documentation.  (1) Dogs (2) Education.

Restricted Funds: donations to an organization that are restricted by the donor to specific geographical areas, states, countries, cities, people, type of assistance dog or in any other way a donor wishes.

Important Note:  Pursuant to the request of some donors, we have agreed to restrict the use of their donation to a specific individual or family who has applied for a service or social therapy dog.  Accordingly, this type of donation is not eligible for deduction as a charitable contribution.  Donors should consult their own independent tax advisor as to the appropriate tax treatment of this type of donation to Sterling Service Dogs.

We are very grateful for the support of our donors.  

Read about how we put those dollars to work in Meet Some Teams

If you have a question or wish to inquire about a volunteer opportunity, feel free to contact us via e-mail or call our toll free number (586) 883-2810 or send e-mail to sterlingservicedogs@gmail.com

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