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What is a Service Dog?

Some people call them a miracle.  We believe they are the best prescription ever invented.  A service dog is specially trained to perform tasks that can increase the independence, safety and mobility of persons with a wide range of disabling conditions.  State and federal laws in the USA give disabled persons the legal right to work with a service dog in malls, restaurants, hotels and any other place open to the public.

The world is going to seem like a much friendlier place, for a service dog's presence evokes smiles and encourages people to strike up conversations wherever the team goes.  This can put an end to the years of social isolation that many disabled persons have experienced.  A service dog also provides the gifts of unconditional love, acceptance and companionship to a child or adult with a disability.

To learn more about service dogs and our program's special services, you may wish to visit the following sections

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